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The Boeing Company Structural Engineering Support

Integrated Design Engineers provides structural engineering support to mechanical engineering consultants on their projects inside The Boeing Company factories in Everett and Renton, Washington.

Boeing Everett Engine Assembly Plant:
Faced with the challenge of hanging aircraft machinery inside the Boeing Everett factory without touching the building’s ceiling or walls, idE designed independent support structures that could support the heavy aircraft engine machinery on their own. The steel structures were installed inside the engine assembly plant at the factory, and are integral to the aircraft assembly process. 

Boeing 40-56 Over-Head Crane Support:
Structural engineering support for the design of self-supporting overhead cranes in existing buildings, and provided sketches of member sizes and connection details for drafting. The project consisted of a remodel of The Boeing Co. buildings 01-020, including an additional mezzanine level for office space within the existing structure.

Boeing 40-56 Router Foundations:
Structural engineering for the design of five 3-axis and 5-axis routers. This design process included coordination with mechanical systems and the contractor. Foundations consisted of a combination of modifications, foundations, and new concrete.

Boeing 40-56 1,000-Ton Press Foundations:  
Design of new foundations for two 1,000-ton Crush Core Presses. The new foundation was placed within the existing building footprint. Earlier constructed foundations were used and modified as required to meet code requirements and loading criteria.

Project Overview

Owner: The Boeing Company

Prime Consultant: FSi Consulting Engineers & Harris Group Inc.

Location: Everett & Renton, Washington

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