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For more than 15 years, our firm’s philosophy has been simple: great buildings are designed by highly-experienced engineers who are committed to partnership just as much as great design. We design structures based on open and active collaboration among the entire project team. Based on our unique approach, we are able to lower construction costs, allow flexible solutions for mechanical and electrical trades, and solve complex construction questions in the field.

We are engineers who love to talk to architects, to contractors, to building owners, and to other engineers on our projects as early and as often as we can. It’s how we develop structural solutions that benefit the performance of other trades and walk project stakeholders through the outcome of each structural option. Allow us to introduce our senior personnel:

Ignasius Seilie - MED.jpg

Ignasius Seilie, PE., SE., F SEI.

Principal - Partner

If you've ever heard the roar of the 12th man at CenturyLink Field or stood up for the seventh inning stretch at Safeco, you've experienced the handiwork of Ignasius Seilie. As a structural engineer at MKA, he led the structural engineering design for the Seahawks and Mariners' stadiums roof structures, and other high-profile projects worldwide. Now at Integrated Design Engineers, he applies 30+ years of experience to every project—big or small, public or private.


Miroslav Doytchev, PE.


Throughout his career, Miroslav Doytchev managed structural engineering projects both around the world and in multiple languages, speaking Bulgarian, German, English and Russian. At Integrated Design Engineers, he's a project manager for our public-sector projects, including the Seattle Public Utilities North Transfer Station project that won an American Institute of Steel Construction People's Choice Award for innovation in structural steel.

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