North Transfer Station Rebuild

Comprised of a new Tipping/Transfer building (67,000 sf), a Reuse/Recycling Building (10,000 sf), and an Administration building (2,500 sf) located adjacent to a residential neighborhood, North Transfer Station may be the most beautiful and community-friendly dump in America.  

Integrated Design Engineers was tasked to develop a building structure that allowed a 200-ft clear span without exceeding SPU’s community building height agreement. Our solution was a tri-chorded roof truss system that also earned the project exemplary LEED daylighting credits. 

We also developed the “floating corner,” a 50-ft cantilever truss and a 120-ft main transfer truss system that supports the weight of the entire building at its southwest corner. This upper-level corner—supported without any columns or walls—allows trucks access into the building on the lower level.

Overall, the steel elements create an organizational framework and visual interest that defines the open space and thus becomes a significant part of the architectural aesthetic”
— Lead Architect, Mahlum

Project Team

Owner: Seattle Public Utilities
Prime Consultant: CDM Smith Inc.
Architect: Mahlum
Contractor: Lydig Construction
Location: Seattle, Washington